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In America, seven million school aged children and four million adults suffer daily from Nocturnal Enuresis or what is otherwise known as bed-wetting. These numbers alone do not cover adults who experience Nocturnal Enuresis because of disease, psychological disorders, age, war trauma, physical trauma and/or mental disorders. This brief overlay describes about thirteen million people in the United States alone.

Lisa Charleston, a life long health care worker, mother of three and a grandmother as well, has created an ingenious yet simple solution to help those afflicted by this embarrassing condition: the Night Helper Watch, referred to as the Potty Watch. Lisa Charleston, together with her husband Carl have formed A.E.D. Productions, LLC in order to produce and market the Night Helper Watch Time Pieces. A.E.D. Production LLC believes that the Night Helper Watch is the answer that millions of sufferers need now more than ever, since it is the only device like it in the world.

The Night Helper Watch is used and worn like a watch, however, the wearer can set the alarm for multiple times during the day and night, not just once or twice, but as many times as needed. This design patented ability is important as it draws the wearer's attention. When the alarm goes off, a special customized tune can be programmed to play. It also vibrates, while the multi-colored display lights up the watch face. At night, the time pieces glow in the dark giving an added peace of mind for the youngest users. Designed with children in mind, the Night Helper Watch has no detachable parts that can come loose and endanger the user.

The Night Helper Watch isn't just for children and adults who suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis. There are three different styles offered. The watch is suitable for children, adults and amputees. The alarms can be set just as easily for the elderly or others with health problems that require timed treatments such as medicine taken at different hours of the day.

The Night Helper Watch gives back the user's dignity, peace of mind, self sufficiency and control over bed-wetting problems. Used as a training medium, Nocturnal Enuresis can be completely eliminated. That is Lisa's and Carl's vision, to free sufferers from a life of worry and indignity. As a long time health care worker and a caring individual, Lisa Charleston has a strong desire to aid and support sufferers from a disturbingly frequent malady (that will become more widespread as the LIS population grows). More than seven million children are born every year and with Americans living longer than ever before the need for a real solution is now, and the answer is the Night Helper Watch Time Pieces, for both Medication Reminders and the Potty Watch system.

Pediatric Physician, Dr. Eva Cristescu of St. John Pediatric Associates, likes the Night Helper Potty Watch. She finds the watch to be "user-friendly, safe to use. pleasing to the eye and comes in a variety of colors and novelty designs catering to all ages." Indeed, the Night Helper Potty Watch features attractive designs that are fun to wear. Combined with all of the other features, the Night Helper Potty Watch package is irresistible to children and adults alike. Dr. Eva Cristescu finds it to be a useful device that will help millions of people, and because there is no other device like it, it is the only hope for those millions.

The Night Helper Potty Watch has been diligently researched and designed to help sufferers in the best way possible. It has been patented and is ready to make its debut. Lisa and Carl need to raise the funds necessary to propel this mechanical wonder to manufacture. In order to complete a prototype, a quoted contract of 10,000 dollars has been made by a licensed manufacturer. Much effort has gone into researching and mediating the production costs of the Night Helper Watch Time Pieces. Loan and grant officers, foundation heads, and investors are all wanting to "see" the time pieces in person, to actually "touch them"...prototypes are a must!

Please help this vision come true. The world is ready for this miracle.


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